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I tend not to follow patterns. It’s much more enjoyable to work out the problems on my own. And so it is with the Wintersweet Scarf, made for a friend with stash yarn.

The untrimmed hood is made first, and I followed the directions. The result was very nice.

But after that, the pattern left some things to be desired. At least to me.

The pattern specifies a contrasting color of yarn for the trim and scarf. Which I didn’t have. And it would make the scarf have a good side and a bad side. I’m against that.

Outside of the hood, the hood trim and the rest of the pattern is knit separately, in multiple pieces, and then sewn on. I hate sewing pieces on when there are more elegant ways of doing things.

And I thought that 500 yards of seed stitch might do me in.

So here’s how I solved that.

hood with cable trimI knit a reversible cable trim with a seed stitch background, and i-cord on each side.

I provisionally cast on 30 stitches: 3 stitches for i-cord, 1 stitch to match the i-cord, 5 stitches for the seed-stitch background, 12 stitches for the reversible braid cable, 5 seed stitches, 1 i-cord matching stitch, and 3 i-cord stitches.

I used Lily Chin’s reversible cables (from Power cables) and Join As You Go (from Lily Chin’s Knitting Tips & Tricks).

The braid cable is from Alexandra Virgiel’s Coronet pattern at Knitty.

After finishing the reversible cable trim around the face section of the hood, I saved the stitches on a string, and started the seed stitch trim for the neck.

I provisionally cast on 27 stitches: 3 stitches for i-cord, 1 stitch to match the i-cord, 19 stitches for the seed stitch center, 1 i-cord matching stitch, and 3 i-cord stitches.

earflap hatI was pleased with how the trim turned out, but my first attempt at integrating the 2 ends of trim into one side of a scarf wasn’t great. It ended up looking like the cord to tie an earflap hat.

And I showed it to the recipient who wanted a wider scarf than the 45 stitch, double braid version that I had going. Sigh.

The next version I was very happy with. I continued the seed stitch neck trim, joining to the face section cable trim. Once the join was finished, I continued in pattern for an inch and a half (don’t blink, you might miss it!).

Then, I started the cable.

Starting from the top, I added a yarn over before the bottom matching and icord (for the left-side, it’s the hood knit side; for the right-side, hood purl side). Eventually, the seed stitch backgrounds and two more cables will be growing out of the bottom i-cord. The end result is 64 stitches: top i-cord and its matching stitch, 5 stitch seed background, 1st reversible cable (12 stitches in k1, p1 pattern), stitch seed background, 2nd cable, background, 3rd cable, background, matching stitch, i-cord.

I finished with an i-cord cast-off.

Here’s the Ravelry project page.