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White Beans with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes (Pati Jinich)

Music from Me estas matando Susana

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Aminah Chishti

  • Beneath the Veils a short film by Aminah Chishti Qawwal (8:16) Join us on this incredible journey documenting the path of Aminah Chishti, the first woman initiated into Pakistan’s ancient Sufi Qawwali lineage. Performing internationally with the living legend Ustad Dildar Hussain, King of the Punjab Ata Wala Tradition. Aminah holds the percussive teachings traditionally passed only through blood lineage. Capturing Aminah’s relationship of independent education since 2004 presents a unique window of opportunity for all to see cultural exchange in it’s most intimate settings. Beneath the Veils is presented through the Freestyle Movement Collective, an initiative to educate and inspire people by co-creating educational content with communities around the world.

Footage from Music of the Mystics


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Probably not qawwali at all