Ramen additions, perversions & experiments

Ramen additions

  • Yes.
  • Frying mushrooms & peas
  • spinach
  • sweet potato.
  • Steamed or Soft boiled eggs
  • Bonito flakes
  • bacon?!
  • butter
  • kamaboko
  • stirfried or simmered cabbage
  • chiffonaded scallions
  • raw enoki mushrooms
  • grated garlic
  • kimchi
  • nori
  • wakame
  • beni shoga (pickled ginger)

ramen perversions

Speaking of perversions, I made the mac-n-cheese, a quarter recipe, yesterday (3/25/2018).

Hacks: soaked noodles in a bowl with boiled water, microwaved sauce, sour cream rather than milk, different cheese (cream, extra sharp cheddar, & romano), different hot sauce (secret aardvark habanero), added a pinch each of powdered mustard & dijon mustard.

Results: Meh. I get that this is supposed to be a novelty. It really needed some sharpness, and a quite a bit of Aardvark didn’t cut it. If Aardvark doesn’t cut it, that’s a problem. That’s when I added – as is traditional – the mustard. That made it edible.

In the end, this felt fussy, much more fussy than doing a soup style with homemade stock & every addition that I have in the fridge &/or freezer, much more fussy than a ramen frittata (with every addition, etc.) – both of which are very likely to happen in my kitchen. It didn’t feel satisfying, and it wasn’t really delicious. And definitely not good for you. Cooking, for me, needs to be at least one of these.

I am intrigued with the idea of subbing ramen for pasta (and the idea of subbing pasta for ramen), so I’ll be revisiting this.


Fennel, beans (lemon?)

without seeds &/or nuts

with seeds &/or nuts

finally, wasabi mushrooms


Ginger tofu! These include tofu, Ginger, and soy sauce.

more on tofu – how to’s from seriouseats.com’s Kenji.

vegan recipes

Seriouseats.com not vegan tofu recipes

Soda Bread

When I was a young person, driving a cab, I chauffeured an elderly Irish woman back and forth to the grocery. We talked about soda bread – it was late February or early March.  I loved cooking & eating but I wasn’t very skilled or discerning about either. Had I ever, even, eaten soda bread? She offered to send me her recipe. The next day, I got a note and her recipe in the mail.

That recipe was fabulous, simple, and easy. And like so many things, I kept it, and the envelope it came in, and I glued it in the notebook that I kept recipes in. And now I can’t find the damn thing.  Sadness.

Soda bread is the world’s easiest quick bread. The classic recipe involves 4 ingredients that you would have had in your house –  75 years ago. No mixer. No fussiness. Combine dry ingredients, add buttermilk, combine, bake.

A day ago I made my first loaf (the Skillet recipe below) in at least 15 years – probably closer to 20. My one adjustment was swapping in whole wheat cake flour. I’m a little rusty, but practice will make perfect.


mostly Nigella recipes

Most of these have metric measurements, note bene.

Nigella’s fond of peas with pancetta.

6.25 cups = 50 oz

more Nigella

Guardian UK recipes, including Ms Lawson

Strangely, not NL (but obligatory NL mention, because Guardian UK)

Guardian UK articles about

Around the time NL became a tv cookery star, she was a Guardian UK writer

Cherry or grape tomato sauces

Got a little too enthusiastic when in the produce aisle the other day…

  • Vegan Burst Cherry (really, you’re calling it that? – similar to Kenji’s – 35 minutes)
  • Kenji’s fast & easy (10 minutes!! Also, Kenji!)
  • Balsamic roasted (link farm – a little more than an hour, immersion blender)
  • Epicurious (very similar to Kenji’s – a smidge of sugar – 15 minutes)
  • Martha Stewart (a more complex version than the Balsamic roasted above. Also, not an affliated link farm – a little more than an hour)


Vegan & Vegetarian

Some conventional ceviches from Rick Bayless

  • Frontera (lime, white onion, chiles, green olives, tomato, jicama, cilantro)
  • Warm Clam (butter, garlic, chiles, stock, beer, lime, cilantro)
  • Playero (Grapefruit juice, garlic, piloncillo, chile, tropical fruit, jicama, red onion)
  • Picado (lime, tomato, carrot, chile, cilantro, avocado)
  • Verde (lime, tomatillo, cilantro, chile, avocado)
  • Salpimientado (red onion, lime, avocado, cilantro)
  • Herb green (Cukes, lime, avocado, garlic, chile,  cilantro)
  • Ceviche tostada (cakes, cilantro, lime, chile, avocado, tomatillo, garlic)

And from Pati Jinich

  • To Die For (lime, orange juice, jalapeño, celery, red onion,  cilantro, mango, avocado, tomatillos)
  • Veracruz (fancy – pearl onions, tomatoes, olives, lime [& many pretty garnishes including capers and jalapeño or serrano])