Thursday July 6. Now with blackouts.

I’m reading How to Set a Fire and Why by Jesse Ball. I am loving it and flying through. I suspect that my reasons for loving it might be very different than others, but I’m okay with that.

Celtic music on the youtubes

French Canadian Folk search

Saturday Night

July 1, Canada Day Link List


Welcome to the Club: The Women of Rockabilly (almost an hour)

We meet four of the most influential rockabilly women – Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee, Janis Martin, and Lorrie Collins – all of whom have survived a life of hard knocks and are still rocking today.  They discuss their passion for the music, the trajectories of their careers and personal lives, and the surprise and pleasure with which they view the present-day resurgence of interest in their music.

V/A Girl Powered Rockabilly (Gold Stars, 2012)

Latin music

Torreblanca (Mexican pop – wikipedia)

Cumbia a lo Irie DJ mix

oh Canada!

Everything you didn’t know but were afraid to ask about “O Canada” Michael Enright of the Sunday Edition/CBC schools us.


Now with more OCD

Music is my hot hot sex

Stoned Soul Picnic

Let the Music Play

Born to be Alive

That Thing



Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.26.23 PM

  • Okay, in a full-blown episode now. Had about 3 hours sleep last night, was about to fall over when I got home at 9am. I was going to lay down for what I hoped would be a significant nap. I made the mistake of stopping at the computer to make sure I still had some money in the bank, and fell into you tube-ing. And then to ripping. And then to playlisting and genre-ing and year-ing and cross-ref-ing. I went to library school because I was OCD. Maybe that’s why library school exists. I didn’t recognize that at the time. Grad school was fun, but that’s $30K I’ll never see again. I can’t leave well enough alone.
  • In getting into iTunes minutia, I found that you can set the start and finish point on a track, just like you can when you link to a youtube (or vimeo, most likely as well). This reminds me of geeking out with a graphic design professor on our shared joy of reducing font sizes by multi- placed decimals. You can also equalize, which shit – thank g-d I haven’t even touched that, because right now I only know how to start slow smoky fires rather than immediate conflagrations. That could eat my next lifetimes, and I’m really hoping I’ll be evolving rather than devolving. Equalizing everything seems like a step in the wrong direction.
  • Would my bipolar be as bad if I didn’t deal with a computer daily? In writing this shit, it’s obvious how the ability to go deeper and deeper and deeper is really not helping me. If I had to do this “research” the old school way I’d have to work from my own questions, my own memories, rather than google helpfully pointing out the next obvious thing.
  • And its not just research.
  • I spent 4 hours on the last linklist. I was trying to remove the trigger, but clearly, I just lost a lot of skin.
  • I’ve been trying to spend a little time every day writing, and doing it on the computer is faster, helps me keep the flow and my voice and all of that other crap. And allows me to edit incessantly.
  • If I could just do the written diarrhea and then go offline with paper and a pencil and a drawer to hide the paper and pencil in until I was a little less attached to my precious damn words – would it be faster? Slower? Maybe the speed isn’t what I should be looking at. Maybe it’s how I’m getting activated. Maybe it’s how I can cultivate what I need and want without repeatedly hurting myself.
  • I’ve been shifting into mania more frequently in the last 9 months than – well, ever. I know medication can affect this (including increasing mania). But I haven’t had any med changes in more than a year. (G-ds willing there will be one soon)
  • I’ve been back been doing radio for, um, about 9 months. Fuck me.
  • I4’s research. At that point, it was just spending a ridiculous amount of time listening to CDs and taking notes. But then, I noticed youtube. Fuck me.
  • And then theres the stoopid podcast. I feel like I should spend every waking moment in FB prepping. I already wasn’t having much joy with FB. And now, I think, oh, I’ll go into youtube and put on some music. And then never the fuck climb out.
  • Today is one of two big podcast work days. I have gotten nothing done.
  • J’accuse, but I can’t blame my parents. I could quote Repo Man, but that makes me feel like I should run to Google and get even more obsessively schooled. I am the only one who can get myself out of this. (And probably longass blog posts aren’t helping)

I wanna be a lover, not a fighter (Link List, 6/13/2017 – verbose)

Yo Yo a Go-Go



Political animal

Oh my g-ds, that’s it! Finally all the tabs are cleared.

They say that your dwelling represents how you see yourself; does having a browser overflowing tabs suggest a reluctance to let go? A brain firing too fast? Too much to do, too little time? Short attention span?

Fuck if I know.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.19.45 AM

I do know I’m spinning my wheels on multiple levels. I can’t seem to get anything done. I’m getting caught up in stupid crap. I should know better. Hell, I do know better.

At least I’m making progress towards a more pleasant living room. I suppose I should be content with that. I do my gratitudes, and I really *work* them, but it’s hard not to believe that if I could get somewhere if I wasn’t constantly swinging between low gear and 7th. As well as not getting obsessed with stoopid things. To the potential loss of everything I’ve managed to get working over the last year or so.

It would be better for my transmission to not go from L to 7th. (This makes me remember a funny story from a friend when I was a teen – one of his friends had perhaps been smoking a little too much and wondered what would happen if he put his car in reverse while it was in forward motion. He was on the freeway.  He did it, and supposably the transmission just hit the ground. This being Detroit, already having crazy freeway traffic, all hell broke loose. Would this happen? Would someone be so high or so not-thinking-straight that he’d pull this sort of bs like this — on a freeway? Even if it didn’t destroy a perfectly good car? And did he destroy a perfectly good car?)

Weird blast from the past. I was in the grocery in the beer aisle. There was a beer called Yo Yo a Go-Go from an Olympia brewery. It had a label designed by Tae Won Yu.


I had been to the first Yo Yo a Go Go festival – it was the best music festival I’ve ever been to, by a long shot. Best. I still think of it longingly – the sleeping on the ground in a car-camping campground, the incessant rain, the horrible horrible yeast infection, getting dissed by Georgia of the Yolas, Olympia a buzz with major labels execs and music journalists, frequently cooling my heels at the gay bar two doors down from the Capitol. That bar was like a basement rec room. There was so nothing sexy about that bar.

The music was great. The crowd was great. Even when the bands were awful.

Oh my g-d. This was more than 20 years ago now. I think about this and it feels like it just happened. But I am old.

Olympia, then as probably now, was a strange combo of state capitol, logging town, and theoretical hippyhaven, what with the experimental college (which supposably doesn’t even have bus service into town). It had some great food co-ops, a fantastic lake,  and a downtown that time forgot, full of 60s office buildings, crummy motels with character, and tiny bars with card rooms. The oldest running restaurant was also a tobacconist and a news stand – and, they had a cigar room.

The restaurant, the Spar, is now owned by McMenamins. I’m sure its been scrubbed clean of tobacco and any other vice. I can’t bring myself to go in.

Once in Oly with a sweetheart, he spotted a sandwich board for a restaurant called Mondo Shrimp.

Your date wants steak
You want shrimp
Dump your date
Mondo shrimp

This was our chant for the rest of the weekend. (And I don’t remember where we ate that night – but it wasn’t there. The menu was really just shrimp dishes. No tofu, no meat or meat analogs, no vegetarian dishes, no fish. All shrimp, all the time.)

The beer was expensive. But it said Yo Yo a Go Go. My consumerist said yes. My very very quiet miser voice said, but will you even like this beer? Consumerist: Who cares? Miser: You have your memories.

So I asked the overly helpful beer czar – he went and got someone from produce who also knew nothing about the beer or about YYaGG.

So I gave them the short version. And the produce person was like, was Operation Ivy there? Which was sweet. I said no. And was thinking – hmmm, Lookout Records and Maximum Rock n Roll were a really different scene than the Oly DIY scene, even if they came from the same punk rock ethic.

I really don’t know nothing about Operation Ivy other than Larry Livermore’s How to Ru(i)n a Record Label, but, sausage fest. It might have been a great sausage fest. Hell, I like pogoing, thrashing in the pit, wrestling – I get it, it’s fun. But I don’t have to go out of my way to find that. The Oly scene was much less testosterone driven. Twee, cuddlecore, queercore, geekcore, riotgrrrrl – women were everywhere, men seemed to be okay with it, and aggro – not much of that at all. And it was the exact opposite of lesbian summer camp. I’m glad I was able to be in the crowd on that.  (still. 20 years. this is killing me.)

Before I made it to the grocery, I walked by one of the most interesting houses in the neighborhood. What I know about the house: it frequently hosts parties, which are advertised in a number of offbeat ways. My favorite – masking tape over an old tube TV screen running static. They also have a very messy porch with a couch, and there is someone out on the couch or the stoop a lot of the time. And unlike most of the white people in the neighborhood, they do chat with passersby. Which means I know nothing at all about them, but I like them. A lot.

I met and became a kitten slave to Rah, a little ginger tween who was so damn sweet. He said, rub my belly, and so I did. He did not tire of it.

And then I met his humans, who had just made their beer run. Genuinely nice guys. They told me about the bands they host, this and that. It just sounded like their parties blurred  the lines between fan and musician which just seems intoxicating to me. I’ve easily got 20 years on these guys, but I really want to go to their next party. I don’t reckon I have the ovaries to pull it off, but I like to think about it.

Link List, Thursday, May 18

Time to clear off the browser…

Ani’s Scoodie

I tend not to follow patterns. It’s much more enjoyable to work out the problems on my own. And so it is with the Wintersweet Scarf, made for a friend with stash yarn.

The untrimmed hood is made first, and I followed the directions. The result was very nice.

But after that, the pattern left some things to be desired. At least to me.

The pattern specifies a contrasting color of yarn for the trim and scarf. Which I didn’t have. And it would make the scarf have a good side and a bad side. I’m against that.

Outside of the hood, the hood trim and the rest of the pattern is knit separately, in multiple pieces, and then sewn on. I hate sewing pieces on when there are more elegant ways of doing things.

And I thought that 500 yards of seed stitch might do me in.

So here’s how I solved that.

hood with cable trimI knit a reversible cable trim with a seed stitch background, and i-cord on each side.

I provisionally cast on 30 stitches: 3 stitches for i-cord, 1 stitch to match the i-cord, 5 stitches for the seed-stitch background, 12 stitches for the reversible braid cable, 5 seed stitches, 1 i-cord matching stitch, and 3 i-cord stitches.

I used Lily Chin’s reversible cables (from Power cables) and Join As You Go (from Lily Chin’s Knitting Tips & Tricks).

The braid cable is from Alexandra Virgiel’s Coronet pattern at Knitty.

After finishing the reversible cable trim around the face section of the hood, I saved the stitches on a string, and started the seed stitch trim for the neck.

I provisionally cast on 27 stitches: 3 stitches for i-cord, 1 stitch to match the i-cord, 19 stitches for the seed stitch center, 1 i-cord matching stitch, and 3 i-cord stitches.

earflap hatI was pleased with how the trim turned out, but my first attempt at integrating the 2 ends of trim into one side of a scarf wasn’t great. It ended up looking like the cord to tie an earflap hat.

And I showed it to the recipient who wanted a wider scarf than the 45 stitch, double braid version that I had going. Sigh.

The next version I was very happy with. I continued the seed stitch neck trim, joining to the face section cable trim. Once the join was finished, I continued in pattern for an inch and a half (don’t blink, you might miss it!).

Then, I started the cable.

Starting from the top, I added a yarn over before the bottom matching and icord (for the left-side, it’s the hood knit side; for the right-side, hood purl side). Eventually, the seed stitch backgrounds and two more cables will be growing out of the bottom i-cord. The end result is 64 stitches: top i-cord and its matching stitch, 5 stitch seed background, 1st reversible cable (12 stitches in k1, p1 pattern), stitch seed background, 2nd cable, background, 3rd cable, background, matching stitch, i-cord.

I finished with an i-cord cast-off.

Here’s the Ravelry project page.